Finland Keskisuomalainen media bias

Better Late Than Never…….

I had wanted to post this earlier. Central Finland’s main news daily, The Keskisuomalainen published in its foreign news section yesterday, an AFP, Reuters news wire article on the ruling by a U.S. military judge who dismissed all charges against Omar Khadr, a Canadian detainee who was accused of throwing a grenade in Afghanistan which killed U.S. Army Sgt. Christopher Speer.

The KS article includes Human Rights Watch’s claims that the 15 yr. old kid had been forced into fighting for the Taliban by his father, and then reminds the readers that there are 380 prisoners still being detained at Guantanamo, of which four have committed suicide.

The whole intent for the article was to misreport on what actually took place, by leaving out a major piece of news, while characterizing it as a major defeat for the US government. According to Paul at PowerLine:

John Armor at the ACRU blog says the charges were dismissed without prejudice, and that the government need only change the labels on the prisoners as appropriate in order to proceed with this trial and all the others. “

This extra bit of factual information makes the AFP/Reuters /Keskisuomalinen article half true, very misleading and therefore disingenuous. All this leads me to ask WHY they would choose to leave out that important piece of information from their story? It’s either from ignorance or an from an ideological agenda *L* KGS

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