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Iran: Clock Against Israel Ticking…….

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad couldn’t be any more clear about his plans for Israel in his latest call for its destruction…again

“With God’s help, the countdown button for the destruction of the Zionist regime has been pushed by the hands of the children of Lebanon and Palestine”.

Iran has for years worked to develop its strategic capabilities that would enable the “mullocracy” run government to attain a hegemony in the region, while ensuring its supposedly ‘peaceful’ nuclear programs would one day produce the world’s first Shi’ia nuclear bomb.

This ‘dooms day’ scenario would be disastrous not only for Israel but the entire world, as the pathological and very suicidal ideology currently running Iran, would further seek to undermine regional stability through an increase of its support for international terrorism as it spreads its radical ideology throughout the world.

In spite of being from two different branches of Islam, both Al-Qaida’s Sunni Wahhabism and Iranian Shi’iaism –since the days of the late Ayatollah Khomeini– share the same suicidal, pathological utopia of a world without Israel and their own flag flying from every corner of the globe under the guidance of a world wide caliphate.

Such fanaticism –though highly utopian and far fetched to western rational thinking– has to be taken seriously because the people promoting this destructive Islamist extremist ideology (both Sunni & Shi’ia) are serious about murdering millions of people, even if it means killing themselves and their co-religionists, all for the glory of their Allah.

Iran’s nuclear program first came to light through the help of an exiled opposition group, the National council of resistance of Iran. The existence an uranium enrichment facility at Natanz as well as a heavy water plant in Arak were earth shattering news. The Iranians have been playing a game of talk, balk and then walk ever since then, while proceeding full steam with their nuclear enrichment program.

Also worth taking into consideration is Iranians’ missile program which includes the building of the Shihab 3. Due to a laptop falling into the hands of the US, which included the schematics to the Shihab 3 –going through a series of developmental design changes between 2001-2003– the IAEA and the West found out that it would accommodate a re-entry vehicle nose cone, enabling it to carry a tactical nuclear weapon.

These are serious enough facts to warrant tough international sanctions against the Iranian regime. Finnish MEP Hannu Takkula recently stated in the EUROMETRI:

even if all the measures proposed here are adopted immediately and fully, Iran might still persist with its nuclear program. If that happens, then the International Community would have to act more determinately and powerfully. According to Mordechai Kedar, the world must put an ultimatum to Iran’s leaders, choosing between staying in power, on one hand, and obtaining nuclear weapons, on the other. If he wishes to stay in power, he must forego his nuclear plan, pack all the equipment from his nuclear facilities on boats and send it to the International Community, just as Ghadafi, the president of Libya, did. If Ahmadinejad adhere to his nuclear plan, he will have to face a powerful action, with existential consequences to himself and his regime.

I agree. Western democracies need to turn the tables on the Iranian Mullahs, that the world will not tolerate a nuclear Iran, and start making the clock tick in the opposite direction. *L* KGS

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