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Apartheid Shmartheid, Jimmy Carter’s baseless claim…….

Over at the Gates of Vienna, Dymphna posts a good article on the US’s worst ex-pres, Jimmy Carter. I’ve done allot of posting on the subject of Carter, so those of you who frequent the Tundra Tabloids are well aware about JC’s biases and ties to Arab oil money ect.

What’s troubling is not the ties, but JC’s hiding the fact that he is up to his ears in Arab funding while presenting himself as an unbiased Middle East observer/commentator. Dymphna posts an article from Investor’s Daily, which captures the true Jimmy Carter in all of his shame and hypocrisy.

Here is another reason why Carter is such a skunk. I don’t believe that he will ever renounce his $500 000 cash prize he received from Dubai’s crown prince, unlike former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who told Talal to take his 10 million and stuff it. *L* KGS

From the Wiesenthal Center. The photo credit is to Rabih Moghrabi/AFP/Getty Images.

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  1. It was just a few days ago, when Mr. Olli Kivinen wrote a column on Helsingin Sanomat. He claimed that GWB is the worst president in US after the WW2, and based his views on the JC’s books and public speaches.

    I was about to write Kivinen a short comment, but figured out nothing will ever change the heads of these people. If GWB was the worst president, then the only fruitful link to the fact was to compare him to Putin, Schroeder, Chirac, Blair, Halonen (just kidding) and the numerous ones in Arab-countries.

    I cannot understand the connection between criticism of US president and US foreign policy. Do they really think the country is led by one man?

  2. Hi Kumitonttu (great name),

    I in fact did send Kivinen an email about the same op-ed:

    “Dear Mr. Kivinen,
    Not that any of this will change your opinion, but extraordinary claims must be backed with extraordinary evidence. If judged under that rubric, Carter fails as miserably as his new book.


  3. Helsingin Sanomat is dedicated to demonizing US Republicans and Bush administration in particular. The rhetoric used is very similar to the one this paper used against Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.

    Carter was, of course, an extraordinarily bad president. However, US withdrawal from Vietnam weakened US prestige in the World stage and this was taken advantage by Communists in several Third World countries. This had nothing to do with Carter.

  4. Carter remains the oddest President of modern times, an allegedly moral man without a sense morality. His pathetic legacy is now so tarnished that he is beyond redemption. I had thought that Billy was the mad one of the family, I am no longer so sure.

  5. Thanks! I took your advice and made the changes. All my best! *L* KGS

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