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Hamas’ Little Kindergarten of Horrors…….

I’m still waiting for the story to break here in Finland, over the Palestinians’ institutionalization of the death cult in their sick society. After some prodding though, two Finnish news stations finally did manage to mention Hamas’ use of Mickey Moussa the Terrorist Martyr Mouse to indoctrinate their children.

Here is another video showing just how effective brain washing can be, especially when applied to the mind of 6-7 year old. Hamas leaders, should they venture out of their rat holes into the outside world, should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.

Charles Johnson at LGF posts on a new documentary that films the faces of the innocent ones, while they spew the most hateful, vile/garbage known to man. “The Making of a Martyr” is a must film that should be seen, but unless its viewable online, we here in Finland will never get a chance to view it. Sad but true. *L* KGS

Excerpt from the New York Sun:

As the group walked through the town, they spoke to Palestinian Arab children in schools and on the street. “Our fixer was encouraging us to speak with the children. I think I’d always, deep down, had a hard time thinking the problem was really that bad. I thought maybe it was a lunatic fringe,” she said.

In fact, the fanaticism was worse than she ever imagined. “The most shocking thing was reconciling the normal appearance of these kids and what was coming out of their mouths,” she said. “I was holding these beautiful children in my lap, and my translator was translating words of hate.”

The story was always the same. “No child ever said, ‘I don’t want to be a martyr.’ They talked about fame, paradise, virgins, and Ferris wheels [after death]. They were happy to tell me they hated Jews,” she said.

The children were more fanatical than their parents. “When we interviewed Hussam’s family for the film, his parents were distraught. They don’t believe in this whole child suicide bomber concept,” Ms. Goldstein said. “Then I interviewed his sister, who was like, ‘I’m so proud of my brother. Hamas says he’s a hero.’ At one point she had a loser, dwarf, mentally handicapped brother. Now she’s the coolest girl in class, and very proud.”

In addition to the children, Ms. Goldstein interviewed Mr. Zubeidah, commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Jenin. At the time, the Israel Defense Forces had made five attempts to assassinate him. In person, Mr. Zubeidah was not the harsh figure she had expected. “It was like talking to any other kid, about 27 years old,” she said. “He was smiling. My translator told me, ‘He’s talking about killing Jews.’”

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