Anti-Israel bigotry and bias UN

UN Rights Official Dugard Rips Israel…….

United Nations human rights investigator awash in moral relativism, lambastes Israel for disproportionate use of force. These UN “officials” like Dugard, render themselves both irrelevant and a laughing stock with their bone headed accusations.

Failing to discern between Palestinians who purposely target civilians, and Israel who targets terrorists responsible for war crimes, is unforgivable. The UN is full of these miserable, immoral bureaucrats that have lost all of their common sense ages ago….if they had any to begin with.

Read this guy’s pontifications:

“The indiscriminate firing of rockets into Sderot violates international humanitarian law,” said Dugard in a statement, referring to the Negev town that has borne the brunt of the Qassam fire. Dugard also said that Israel’s response to the rockets “fails to distinguish between civilians and combatants and is a disproportionate use of force.”

Sorry in advance for the course language, but….Bullshit. The indiscrimainate firing into Sderot constitutes a war crime, the same can be said of the terrorist Hezbollah’s launching of rockets into Israeli cities. The immoral weasel Dugard can’t even muster the courage to admit even that.

All of Israel’s rockets are launched with a clear non-civilian target in mind, that the civilians are hurt or killed (but not the intended target) is perfectly legal under Geneva Convention rules regulating conduct of war. Dugard is plainly lying through his teeth. More here. *L* KGS

Al Avai notes: The latest report will no doubt come to the surface in the Finnish press. We will need to go down the road of “proportionate” use of force again, which was so well explored last summer. Also, Israel is simultaneously accused of targeted killings and of not distinguishing combatants from civilians, which seems mutually contradictory to me.

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