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Israel Outspends Sweden And Finland in Reasearch And Dvelopment…….

Israel pumped 4.71 of its gross domestic product into R&D for 2005, followed by Sweden, Finland, Japan, S.Korea and the US. As a direct result of Israel’s annual investment, far away regions such as India for example, are able to benefit from Israel’s highly advanced agricultural technology.

Tibetans who are living in exile in India belong to an Israeli program “Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (IsraAid), an umbrella organization of The Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People (TIFTP).

“300 Tibetans, all of whom are living in India, have been through the program in the three years since its inception and according to program directors, the knowledge and experience obtained is invaluable for the agricultural economies of the Tibetan communities in exile. The Tibetans believe that advanced agriculture will be a critical element in the future economy of a free Tibet.”

Israel’s policy of investment into R&D is reaping big dividends, not only for Israel, but for many around the world who need their expertise in a wide range of areas, agricultural being just one in a long line of many. More here. *L* KGS

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