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Finnish Peace Keepers in Afghanistan Face Bribery Charges…….

There must be hundreds of opportunities in Afghanistan to turn a quick dollar, so it doesn’t surprise me that some UN peace keepers were lured into accepting bribes from local Afghanis.

“Last autumn, Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation began to investigate reports of involvement in corruption by two Finnish peacekeeping soldiers, one of whom served as an interpreter.The men allegedly promised construction contracts to Afghan companies in return for money. Police also suspected that the interpreter had committed aggravated fraud. During the preliminary investigation police had suspected that the men had also manipulated prices while making deals with local merchants.”

They must have been witness to countless examples of such practices during their stay, so they must have figured “why not grab a piece of the action as well.” Everything comes with a price, and it looks like theirs will be in the form of a prison sentence. More here. *L* KGS

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