Palestinian Child Abuse

Palestinian Child Abuse Continues…….

While Hamas’ “Mickey Moussa the Martyr Mouse caused some stir in the international community, apparently Hamas and the Palestinian mass media are emboldened by the rest of the world’s short span of attention.

In this video, A child is seen being groomed for future violence and eventual death by his peers, it’s really disgusting, and to think that Hitler’s youth films from the 30’s still cause much –justified– anger around the world. Where are the human rights groups’ criticisms over this open display of child abuse, as well as their organized campaigns to end this outrageous practice? I hear crickets chirping…… *L* KGS Via PMW

“We have come!Machine-gun and Quran in our hands,
[visual: see child holding machine-gun and Quran]
We’ve grown and so has the right,
In the eyes of the wronged,
[visual: see child turn into adult and attack Israel] …
We swore to retrieve the land,
The pure blood will produceHonor and glory.
[visual: see him (child now turned adult) shot dead as Shahid – Martyr]
[Al-Aqsa TV, May 27, 2007]

Update: LGF has more on the abuse here.

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