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Palestinian Fratricide Causes People to Yearn For Israeli Rule…….

You won’t see this kind of reporting in the Finnish news. With both sides of Hamas and Fattah on the brink of a civil war, Palestinians are growing weary of what they have brought upon themselves. Just like in the previous story about the Sunnis in the Anbar province in Iraq fed up with al-Qaida, the Palestinians have grown weary of the misrule of their own government.

Also worth hearing, members of Fattah point out the long known fact of Hezbollah and Iranian involvement in helping Hamas wage war on Fattah. One Hamas member also spells out (what I have mentioned time and again) that the fight they wage is for the whole Ummah, and for their Allah, to eventually wipe off Israel from the map. If any Finnish UPI analysts are reading, this is the “pragmatism of Hamas”. The veil has dropped. *L* KGS

UK TV Channel Four

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