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Israeli UN Ambassador Accuses Moderate Muslims of Silence…….

Gillerman: “We live in a world where when Christians kill Muslims, it’s a crusade. When Jews kill Muslims, it’s a massacre. When Muslims kill Muslims, it’s the weather channel. Nobody cares,”

That’s just it isn’t it? I remember a quote from a friend which tackles the very same issue. He mentions Arabs, but is referring to Muslims as well: “when it comes to Arab on Arab violence, the Islamic world could care less, but if a Jew just looks ‘cross eyed’ at an Arab,… all hell breaks loose”.

That is the sad state of affairs within the Islamic world. There were no mass demonstrations in any of the capitals of the Arab League, against the killing fields in Saddam’s Iraq, the Taliban’s Afghanistan, the Sudanese nightmare or the Algerian civil war. So much for the myth of “Pan Arabism”.

Now here are a group of Muslims who do in fact care that Islam is being used as the ideological cradle for future terrorists. The Free Muslims Coalition is a group of “modernist” Muslims that want to wage an ideological fight for the future of their religion, against the medieval Muslim leadership that parades themselves as “moderates” to the non-Muslim world.

“The Free Muslims Coalition is concerned about the poll results which if accurate may be a consequence of years of selective moral outrage by some Muslim leaders. Over the last 20 years, some Muslim leaders have sanctioned violent action when they believed that a particular cause is just but rejected violence when they disagreed with the end. For example, suicide bombings are often justified against Israel based on Israel’s alleged wrongdoing against the Palestinians.

The Free Muslims Coalition find serious fault with those who selectively justify suicide bombings. It is immoral and counter productive to argue that suicide bombings are wrong in most instances and provide a justification when the intended target is seen as a wrongdoer.
Moreover, a system that allows for selective violence cannot be sustained. Most people who commit suicide often believe that their cause is just.

This is why suicide bombers call themselves martyrs rather than suicide bombers. If societies make exceptions for the select use of violence when the target is “bad” then every group may want an exception for violence since most movements believe that their causes are just and that they are acting for the common good. More here.

Hope, if any, can only be found in modernist Muslims such as these. *L* KGS

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