Anti-Israel bigotry and bias EU Israel Paleostinians

That’s Just it…….

Israeli FM, Tzipi Livni speaking on friday to members of the diplomatic corps, spells out the reason why Hamas and the other assortment of Palestinian terror groups believe they can commit repeated acts of war against Israel, while at the same time, going around begging —with hat in hand— from the Europeans for financial support.

FM Livni: For too long the international community took the situation in the south of Israel as acceptable, as part of life in Israel, and it’s not,” she told Tel-Aviv based envoys. On Thursday, she told German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeyer in a phone call that she expects the European Union to apply diplomatic pressure on Palestinians to halt the rocket fire.

A new non-hostile-to-Israel wind is blowing through Europe, with the German’s electing the conservative Merkel and the French, Sarkozy. The latter has since entering office, named a new “non-hostile-to-Israel” foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner. The Swedes, have conservatives in power as well as the Finns, which officially ended Finland’s disasterous and malicious anti-Israel reign of its foreign minister, “Ol Scruffy”.

Perhaps the message being delivered by Israeli FM Livni to this body of international diplomats, will not be rejected out of hand as in times past. At least one could hope. *L* KGS

Note: The Hamas says that they’re hurting for cash, which might be true in the case of helping Palestinian society, but they’re flush with cash for weapons.

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