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The Price of Politics at Home…….

As I stated earlier, regardless of the new French president’s position towards Israel, French politics and French self interests are his main concerns. Thus the incoming French president’s choice for foreign minister reflects a political necessity over personal want, that it was the anti-Israel Leftist, Hubert Vedrine, is truly regrettable. Regardless of how “well known” this choice is, for France’s sake, I hope that he follows Nicolas Sarkozy’s foreign policies to the letter. More here. *L* KGS

“We are not the only thing that he is worried about,” the official said. The selection of Vedrine, he added, represented two things: First, that Sarkozy meant what he said during his campaign when he promised to place professionals in his cabinet regardless of political affiliation, and second, his desire to show an openness to the French Left.

Also, the official said, the selection of Vedrine meant that Sarkozy would have someone in the post who – since he was not one of the Socialist Party’s leaders – was completely dependent on him. Vedrine, who was president Francois Mitterrand’s chief diplomatic adviser and then foreign minister under Jospin and Jacques Chirac, has a reputation for loyally and effectively doing his bosses’ bidding.

Patrick Devidjian, a top Sarkozy political adviser, said Vedrine would have no problem working with Sarkozy’s proposed foreign policy platform. “When you enter the government, it means you are willing to put into practice the presidential policy,” Devidjian said.

Update: Solomonia reports that Sarkozy is planning to name someone else:

“BERNARD Kouchner, a world-renowned humanitarian who founded the Doctors with Borders (MSF) charity and served as the UN’s representative in Kosovo, is likely to be France’s next foreign minister, aides to president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy said overnight.”

More here.

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  1. I hope they’re right! Otherwise, it is, indeed, bad news.

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