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Mickey Moussa: Its The Jews’ Fault…….

This is worse than parody. Mickey Moussa (aka. Farfur) is caught cheating on a test in class, then is shown whining, crying and blaming his actions on the Jews. Sound familiar? This is a classic case of art imitating life.

Palestinian terrorists get caught all the time doing horrendous acts of violence, (unfortunately not all get caught in time) then afterwards Palestinians and officials can be seen whining in front of the cameras of the media, “it’s all Israel’s fault” whine, whine, boo hoo hoo, sniff sniff.

Mickey Moussa, the Hamas rat, is only doing what comes natural for the Palestinians, blame everything on the Jews, and the media will take care of the rest. The wise Hazim also lets us know just how great it was for Jews and Christians to be dhimmis under Islamic rule, I am just warm and fuzzy all over. *L* KGS

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  1. Amazing, if this were not so horrible one could almost laugh.

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