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Israeli Chutzpa Party Rocks Helsinki…….

The Israeli group Teapacks gave Helsinki a night to remember on the eve of the Eurovision song contest at the Helsinki ‘Virgin Oil’ club, according to a contributer to the Tundra Tabloids who was there to hear the band play.

Ynet has it here: “Hundreds of people of all ages and from all over Europe attended last night’s party. They danced to Arab and Hebrew songs as blue and white flags waved in background and a video presentation of Jerusalem photos flickered on huge screens. The party was organized by the Israeli Embassy in Finland and was definitely worth it.”

It’s going to be an interesting event tonight, and I’ll be watching the semi-finals to see if Teapacks makes it into the final round that wiil be held on Sunday evening. It would be great if they won, seeing that the song Teapacks will be singing is the Israeli chutzpa “in your face” choice that takes a swipe at Iran’s nuclear ambitions. For those who have not yet seen the Teapacks video of the song, here it is. “PUSH THE BUTTON” *L* KGS

H/T Leena

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