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Finnish Minority Ombudsman Puumalainen Interview…….

I suggest that Finnish Minority Ombudsman, Mikko Puumalainen first get himself acquainted with the ideology of Islamist supremecy, before he advises others to become better schooled in the application of the new Finnish race laws.

Those pushing an Islamist agenda have every incentive to use these race laws –currently in the Finnish law books– to their own advantage. Silencing critics of Islam/Islamism by crying “racism” or “Islamophobia” will be a disaster for not only free speech advocates like myself, but for society as a whole.

If Puumalainen and the Finnish justice system takes the same approach to those of us who criticize Islamism, then this man and the system is intent on cutting of the nose in spite of the face, and in the process, helping to doom Finnish society. *L* KGS

Update: 10.05.07 Baron Bodissey has more on the same article via the Tundra Tabloids, here.

“Fjordman has coined the term “Glossocracy” for the systematic alteration and debasement of language by the Marxist and Multicultural ideologues who control most of the public institutions in the West. When you make it difficult to describe the world except in terms that are ideologically pre-defined, you also make it difficult to think in any other way.

At the same time, ordinary citizens are conditioned not to publicly express their unacceptable ideas. When “hate speech” can cause you to lose your career, or your pension, or even land you in jail, you become very careful of what you say.

It doesn’t require the full repressive apparatus of a totalitarian state to effect these conditions. What Fjordman calls a “soft totalitarianism” will do just as well. Soft totalitarianism has already come to maturity in the European Union, and it is well underway here in the United States.” Baron Bodissey, The Gate of Vienna.

YLE NEWS (10.05.07)

Minority Ombudsman: Officials not familiar with racism statutes.

Hundreds of racism related charges are filed yearly, but with only 20 or more cases reaching the courts. According to Puumalainen, the police, prosecutors and judges need more schooling about racism.

The racism statutes in Finnish law are incitement against a national group, discrimination due to ethnic background and in more extreme cases, which can be described as a criminal act, for an example, defamation of character, as a result of a victim’s ethnic background.

According to the police college’s findings, the amount of charges filed dealing with racism has risen over the past years to 500.

The Helsingin Sanamot published a report from the findings of Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskus), according to which during the year of 2005, only twenty or more judgments were rendered in racism related cases. What the differences in the statistics tell of the justice department’s indifference towards racism, has yet to be researched. Five years ago Europe’s council ECRI commission against racism and intolerance criticized the attitudes of Finnish officials.

According to Minority Ombudsman Mikko Puumalainen, there is still room for improvement in using laws against discrimination, incitement as well as criminal prosecutions.

The regulations regarding the toughening of investigations are rather new. Police and prosecutors perhaps do not yet even know how to implement the interpretations of the law in the crime investigations when there is reason to do so. That shouldn’t be in itself difficult, because the basics in crime investigation is to find out the motive of the suspect. Determining a racist’s motives is quite natural when there is a requirement to do so. Puumalainen told YLE new in the interview.

The number if immigrants in Finland has risen over 100 000 since the fall of the Soviet Union, and is till growing. According to the Minority Ombudsman of the number of immigrants, reports of crime- and statistical convictions from the findings of research interviews of immigrants, it can be assumed that only two percent of racism related crimes go reported.

The whole justice process from police to the courts need more information. Minority Ombudsman hopes that officials will be given more schooling on the subject matter than in the past. YLE Uutiset/News

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  1. So what about the Muslims who preach jihad? Do you not have any there, like they do elsewhere? And if you do, should not that qualify as a race/hate crime?

    I feel so bad for the Finnish people!

  2. Presently, there hasn’t been any publicity on any jihadist activity here in finland except for a home gorwn one who was caught and returned to Finland from the Georgian border a few years back.

    We have such a small Muslim community. The Tartars, who are very proud of their heritage and religion, but have assimilated into society and are as any other Finn, do not pose a problem, because they and their life style are the solution.

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