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The Gaza Moat Plan Back on The Table…….

When I first heard about this back in 2004, I thought it would be a good idea, but that it would never materialize due to international pressure form the west and Israel’s neighbor Egypt. How things have changed.

According to the JPost, Egypt has exhibited some interest in the idea as a way to clamp down on the smuggeling that has seen 30 tons of high-grade explosives making its way into the Gaza strip.

“Last month, OC Planning Division Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan traveled to Egypt for talks with security officials there about areas of cooperation with Israel. Ever since the withdrawal from the Sinai Desert under the Camp David peace accord in 1982, Israel and Egypt defense officials have held annual meetings to coordinate security matters affecting the two countries.

According to a defense official involved in the talks, Nehushtan raised the possibility of the moat with the Egyptians during his recent meeting with them and was told that they would consider it positively. The official explained that the moat was back on the table after the Egyptian border police force of 750 soldiers had proven inadequate in the fight against the tunnel operators on the Egyptian side of the border. “The moat option still exists,” the defense official said.”

This is a major shift in policy by the Egyptians who seem absolutely incapable of stopping the smuggeling, which by the way is being funded at the expence of the Palestinian population. It appears that the Hamas run government is not lacking for funds when it comes to securing weapons and high-grade explosives, perhaps if they redirected the money to better serve their infrastructure, there would be less misery and poverty in the disputed territories. Then there are signs of a shift in the political thinking in Europe, with France’s conservative presidential front-runner Nicholas Sarkozy, stating that Israel has a right to protect itself. Quote :

“Only if Israel is guaranteed that its existence will not be threatened and the Palestinians are allowed to form a viable state can we achieve a durable and viable solution.” “I defend the right of Israel to protect itself against external aggression, particularly when it takes the form of blind and cowardly acts of terrorism,” he declared. “But the measures taken must not condemn the search for a negotiated peace settlement. They must be appropriate and proportional.”
Then there is the statements by officials close to Sarkozy who go on to elaborate even further:
“When there are Kassams and Katyushas being fired into Israel, where is the problem in defending yourself?” one official said. “Israel cannot compromise its security, otherwise it will be the civilian population that will suffer.” The official argued that Israel’s West Bank barrier, even when it cuts through Palestinian territory, falls under the jurisdiction of security. “When there is peace, the route will be reworked,” he said. “For now, it is in disputed territory. First, let Israel and the Palestinians reach a peace agreement, and then, once there is a deliberate step toward peace by the Palestinians, the details can be worked out.”

This is a welcome change in the attitude of French leaders, and serves as a warning to the extremists in the Palestinian camp who are still busy arming themselves with weapons instead of trying to prepare their people for an eventual peace and co-existence with Israel. A nod from both Europe and Eygpt signals that their intransegence towards setteling the conflict will come at a price. *L* KGS

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