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Quite Possibily, The Next US President…….

The Thompson factor. In my honest opinion, the former US Senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson, will be a serious contender in the next upcoming US presidential elections. If elected as president, a Thompson administration would most certainly continue the war on Islamic extremism, and that means bringing closure to the Iranian nuclear threat.

He is equally blunt about Iran. Thompson says that the actions of the Iranian regime–harboring senior al Qaeda leaders, funding and training Iraqi insurgents, supplying terrorists in Iraq with devices that are killing American soldiers–are acts of war. He stops short of calling for a military response, but seems to suggest that he would be saying something different if circumstances were different.

“Unfortunately, today it can’t be considered in isolation, so you have to take into consideration our capabilities and our priorities worldwide right now. And unfortunately we’re stretched too thin.” Nonetheless, he says, the long-term objective in Iran is the same one that led to the Iraq war. “I think the bottom line with Iran is that nothing is going to change unless there is a regime change.”

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