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Terrorists Explode After Police Give Chase…….

Comapred to the international media, my headline hits the nail on the head. Here is a prime example of the international news media’s blind adherence to the wire services’ ideologically charged news stories.
Al-Reuters ran the following story that was picked up by the Finnish news media (exm; Finnish state TV YLE, and the Helsingin Sanomat) in which four suicide terrorist bombers in Casablanca managed to blow themselves up to avoid being captured. In spite of the fact that the terrorists blew themselves up, Al-Reuters –for whom it seems no act of barbarism can be an act of terror– wrote the story in the following way:

“Three suspected bombers detonated their explosive belts, killing themselves and at least one police officer and wounding more than 20 people in a police raid on a safe house in which a fourth was shot dead, police sources said.”

Suspected”….!? They blew themselves up for crying out loud, what other proof do they need that they were going to carry out an act of terrorism? Dutifully the Finnish media blindly parroted the Al-Reuters’ version of the story;

YLE: “Tiistaiaamuna yksi terroristiepäilty räjäytti itsensä poliisin ratsian aikana ja poliisi surmasi toisen ennen kuin hän ehti laukaista räjähdyspanoksensa. Illansuussa vielä kolmas terroristiksi epäilty räjäytti itsensä.”

Translation: “Tuesday morning one suspected terrorist exploded himself during a police raid, and police killed one before he could detonate his explosives. In the evening still three other suspected terrorists exploded themselves.”

Helsingin Sanomat: “Kolme terroristiepäiltyä räjäytti tiistaina itsensä Casablancassa Marokossa, kun poliisi oli heidän perässään”

Translation: “Three suspected terrorists blew themselves up on Tuesday in Casablanca Morocco, while being chased by police.”

And there you have it, the dead terrorists are just “suspected” of being terrorists. A friend of mine who has spent some time in one of the major news agencies here in Finland, told me that he was shocked by way his colleagues prepared stories for print.

Anything offered by the news wires services and the BBC was deemed ready for print, no need to check other sources, let it run. One of the reasons for this is due to dead lines ect, but that does not exonerate the practice. *L* KGS

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