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Another Finnish Newspaper Publishes an anti-Semitic Screed……!

The Finnish newspaper, Kaleva published (02.04.07) an anti-Semitic screed by a Markku Juutinen, who’s outraged over the acquisition of Finland’s MTV broadcasting network by the Swedish media group, Bonnier AB .

The target for his outrage …. are Jews. This is not the first time in recent history that a Finnish newspaper has published anti-Semitic articles, and one more example of some in the Finnish news media that have lost their sense of propriety and common sense.

Upon reading such an overtly anti-Semitic op-ed, how can any sane newspaper editor (ANYWHERE) dare even hesitate for a moment –let alone publish — before hitting the delete button? What’s next for Finland, the publication of the discredited Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

A brief Google search of Markko Juutinen’s name, reveals that the author of the offending op-ed writes under the pseudo, Kalevi Kallio, and has penned equally disgusting rants at the Free Word forum. I translated the racist op-ed in its entirety, the original is not viewable online. Don’t read it on a full stomach. KGS

Note: If you’re as disgusted as I am, let the Kaleva’s EIC read your comments.

The mass media has very great influence. Briefly put, the news media enjoys a hegemony through today’s mass media which can effectively manipulate peoples’ opinions. What is in question is a different kind of psychological warfare. Who is to decide who will be allowed to go to war and against whom? It can be roughly said that, whoever runs the media, runs the state.

After a closer inspection it looks like our telecommunications and mass media are governed by the same kind of forces, whose influence are most effective in the regions of the United States and European Union. These forces who rule the mass media, subjugate their targeted groups with the influences of dangerous and sick minded brainwashing, which can be observed to have had influences in women, our youth and in children. The latter being mentioned is in connection with the entertainment industry.

With what’s been presented thus far, Finland’s anti-democratic development should be of grave concern, in which the (Finnish) MTV media group is being moved entirely under the ownership of the Bonnier media group. In connection with this, the expression “Swedish ownership” is misleading”, the question is more about a political, ideological and immensely secretive organizational branch of the Zionist Bonnier family dynasty, who are the same force of kindred spirits which own and rule the mass media in North America.

A few of the media in the US I’ll mention, is Time Warner, cable TV and news channel, CNN and Disney, whose leader and CEO is Michael Eisner, …. is a Jew. He has been called a “control freak” by a certain media critic. The Disney empire own many television production companies (Walt Disney Television, Touchtone Television, Buena Vista Television) and cable networks, whish has over a 100 million subscribers.

When it comes to movies, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group includes Walt Disney Pictures, Touchtone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and CaravanPictures. In addition, Disney also owns Miramax Films whose CEO’s are the Weinstein brothers, Bob and Harvey who have produced such obscene movies such as The Crying Game, Priest and Kids. Bonnier’s family dynasty thoroughly owns and runs the Swedish, and in part other EU countries mass media through both its own media empire and modern day garbage culture market place.

Thanks to this, there is no need to wonder who or whom enjoys complete total power in Sweden, from top to bottom. The power in question which has close ties to Israel, is now more intensively than ever, taking a foothold into Finland. This development worsens society’s already sick mental state in political areas as well as in the different areas of culture.

Update: Here is another disgusting example of how portions of the Finnish media are responsible for helping to promote anti-Jewish sentiment throughout the country. This time it’s a subtle message coming straight from the pages of the foreign news section in the Turun Sanomat.

This is how indoctrination works, brain washing is very effective since all of Finland’s major news papers are situated in cities where there is no competition within the media. The TT’s local paper, the Keskisuomalainen, is a paper not by choice, but by the mere fact that ther is no other newspaper to choose from.

But then again we are back at square one, because the Helsingin Sanomat has no rival in Helsinki either, it remains an unchallenged media giant (in the Finnish context) and able to establish the pace for the rest of the country’s print media in much the same way the Washington Post and the New York Times does for the US market. But here in Finland, the result is even more devestating than one can imagine.

Update: 12/04/07

A Tundra Tabloids reader in the comment section draws attention to the following post at

” Hey, KGS, take a look at this. It seems that Kaleva and Turun Sanomat are running exactly the same kind of anti-semitic nazi-shit that US left AND right wing Aryan Nation -zealots. Priceless.”

“The photographs shown below were all taken by me at left-wing anti-war rallies in the San Francisco Bay Area (including some in Berkeley itself) over the last few years. These signs are just a small sampling of similar political opinions visible at these rallies and across the left side of the modern political spectrum, all saying the same thing: that the United States military in effect fights for Israel. The anti-war left and the racist far-right have come full circle and are now in total mutual agreement: Israel controls US military policy. “

Looks like Finnish Leftist anti-Semites have something in common with their American counterparts, a fondness for classic racist Jew hate of the fascist variety. Indeed the Leftists and the Fascists have noticably completed their dirty little circle of hate.

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  1. Disgusting. This has been posted on Solomonia, and I will post it on my blog as well.


  2. Thanks BHG, I’ve included you as well to the TT’s blog roll.

    Sad that we have to meet under such circumstances, but I am glad you stopped over.

    We need to spread the news on instances like this, I for one am amazed at the brazen attitude of the media, as well as the writers of these anti-semitic op-eds, it seems to have become common place.

    The Finnish language acts as a natural barrier that keeps the larger world from knowing what’s going on here.

    Thanks again to you and to Solomonia for helping out!

  3. As I was born near to Oulu and used to read Kaleva daily for years when a kid, well it was many many moons ago, I never thought Kaleva would print a shit like this (It would have happened then). I feel angry now and have a bad feeling, seems the leftist have taken over Kaleva as well. Lots of shit on Finnish media nowadays, so maybe this is not an exception. Seems to get worse and ‘worser’.

    Btw. My friend from South Africa is starting studies in September at The University of Oulu. If you guys are around there, would it be possible if he contacted you? And how?

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