Iran Continues to Demonize Jews…….

This is really sick. Why the western media continues to avoid this bizarre behaviour by Iran and elsewhere in the Arab/Muslim world should be the basis for a detailed academic study. It’s truly disgusting. Bigotry is wrong, no matter who practices it. *L* KGS

Iranian Police Sieze Drugs and Arrange them in the Form of a Star of David

Following is an excerpt from an Iranian news report on a police drug haul, which aired on the Iranian News Channel on March 24, 2007:

Newscaster: The security forces discovered and seized 553 kg of narcotics, in several operations. These operations were carried out on the following routes: Jiroft, Kahnouj, Kahoorestan, Belar, Hormozgan, the Zahdan-Shiraz road, in Jermanshah Province, and the Ahwaz-Iranshahr and Kahnouj-Islamabad roads. 552 kg of narcotics were discovered and seized in these operations. The security forces also discovered and seized 7,500 syringes for drug use, 12,337 crates of alcohol, one Kalashnikov rifle, 3 magazines, and 30 bullets.

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