Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Middle East oddities Paleostinians

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…….


Note: Not even the UN is blaming the sewage tidal wave on “strife between Israel and the Palestinians”. Click here.

“Stuart Shepherd, the UN’s humanitarian aid officer in Gaza, said the Umm al-Naser plant had not been affected by the aid boycott, noting there had long been warnings about the plant.A UN report in 2004 had warned that the sewage facility was at its maximum capacity, and flooding was inevitable unless a new waste treatment plant was constructed.Mr Shepherd said foreign investment had been secured to build the treatment plant, but construction had not gone ahead because of security risks in the area.The facility, built in the 1970s to serve a population of 50,000, was serving 190,000 people by 2004, according to the UN.”

Enough said. *L* KGS

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