A Drunk Demands a Lifted Veil Then Lands in Jail…….

This story could have happened in Iran. In what should have been handled as a fine in a probable case of harassment, lands a London man in jail for nine months. The intoxicated offender did not touch the woman, but however was insistent in that she remove her veil;

“he had recently been beaten up by Asians and was speaking to the woman at the bus stop and just wanted to know who he was talking to.”

The drunken moron had no right to impose himself on the woman, and is surely guilty of harassment, but to throw the guy into the clink for an “attempted aggravated veil lifting” is farcical, going way beyond the pale of western civilization’s understanding of jurisprudence.

What’s next, will a “certain look” or a “statement of disaproval” be enough to land a Brit into jail? *L* KGS

Note: Thanks to Two Commons by way of Pamela.

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