Incitement Paleostinians

Palestinian Child Abuse: The Incitement Continues…….

Four-year-old girl vows to be suicide terrorist in Hamas TV dramatization. The Hamas incitement machine continues to broadcast a steady stream of hateful and destructive propaganda –that promotes and glorifies suicide/homicide attacks against Jews– to Palestinians….. of all ages.

Palestinian Media Watch reports:

“Hamas TV broadcast today a video dramatization of the four-year-old daughter of female suicide bomber Reem Riyashi singing to her dead mother and vowing to follow in her footsteps. The video clip ends as the little girl picks up sticks of explosives from her mother’s drawer”

Brainwashing the youth is both a means and a way to insure that the “culture of death” –already a fixture in Palestinian society– continues to produce future generations of murderers.


Reem Riyashi killed four Israelis and wounded seven at the Erez crossing between Gaza and Israel in 2004. She gained the sympathy of the Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint by telling them that she had a metal plate in her leg that would trigger the metal detector. After she was taken to a room to be searched privately, she detonated the bomb hidden under her clothes.”

Sadly the use of children in Islamic terrorism is not an anomaly, as yesterday’s story of two Iraqi children being used as fodder in an al-Qaida terrorist attack clearly shows.
This is some real sick and demented stuff. *L* KGS

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