Analysis of The Palestinian National Unity Government…….

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S) has published a report containing its analysis of the new Palestinian National government. The most important portions of the analysis that demand closer scrutiny are points 6A – 6E.

(Note: the points below are just in their abbreviated forms.)

A. The continuation of violence and terrorism is legitimate : According to its platform, the new Palestinian government will adhere to the “legitimate right” of Palestinians to continue employing “all forms of resistance.”

B. The platform of the national unity government does not include recognition of the right of the State of Israel to exist, and no mention is made of the concept of two states for two peoples .

C. The platform includes adherence to the “right to return” and calls for the implementation of UN General Assembly Resolution 194 (December 1948) regarding the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their lands and property and to receive reparations.

D. According to the platform, agreements previously signed by the PLO are to be “honored” but no commitment is made to implement them : The new government “honors” the “legitimate decision” and agreements signed by the PLO (in the spirit of the Mecca Accord). The term used is “ honors ” but strict avoidance of a “ commitment ” to implement them is maintained.

E. Limiting Abu Mazen’s ability to ratify agreements he and the PLO reached with Israel : according to the platform of the new government, Abu Mazen and the PLO have the authority to conduct negotiations for the PA. At the same time, Hamas and its supporters can sabotage any agreement reached.

Tundraman: I think that the situation is alarming, because, as the paper clearly states, “initial international reactions (especially from European countries such as Norway, France and Britain) are likely to reinforce Palestinian expectations that it will be possible to sell the new national unity government, with its extremist principles, to the international community.”

Therefore it is absolutely crucial to emphasize this:

“the Palestinians seek to market the new national unity government to the international community. They hope to have the economic and political embargo lifted, even though the government is influenced by Hamas and its ideology and even though it has not met the demands of the Quartet“.

All the Palestinians have managed to do –in the forming a “national unity gov’t”– is to shift focus from the maximalist demands of the Hamas to the supposed new an improved (read = supposedly more benign) “Unity Government”, while not adhering at all to the requirements and conditions set by the Quartet.

This is nothing more than a “blue smoke” and mirrors attempt by the Hamas at camouflaging their extremist agenda from the international community, in order to get the Europeans’ “money spicket” flowing once again. That Norway so easily caved gives cause for great concern, further underlining the need to emphasize that:

before any recognition of the Hamas led government is seriously considered, it must:

  1. first recognize Israel
  2. enounce all violence and
  3. recognize all past agreements.
The international community needs to say NO, to the Three No’s of the Hamas led “unity government”. *L* KGS

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