The United Nation’s Human Rights Council Continues A Dark Legacy…….

The United Nation’s Human Rights Committee Council continues where its predecessor left off, in its ultimate quest to thouroughly deligitimize the Jewish state of Israel.

There is something fundamentally wrong with an international human rights institution that boasts having well known HR violators such as Saudi Arabia, China and Cuba as members.

For an example;

Saudi Arabia is a 21st century medieval state that practices both religious and genderapartheid “, and institutionalized barbarity that passes itself off as “justice“.

China is a brutal communist dictatorship that practices its own form of (warning, very very disturbing photos) “justice”, as well as its own practice of apartheid in Tibet. China occupied Tibet in 1950 in a pure land grab that has resulted in the genocide of its people and its culture, with violence and dicrimination of Tibetan women becoming a common feature of Chinese rule.

Cuba, well, that island paradise off the coast of florida isn’t a bastion of good will to all those who are in disagreement with their government, even if they try to leave that “straight jacket” of an island without the state’s “permission“.

According to the JPost article, “The UNHRC is looking to appoint John Dugard as a permanent investigator on Israel’s actions in the [TT: disputed] territories”. The UNHRC gives no mention of concern over the human rights abuses by committed by Palestinians to its own people — which includes minorities such as Women, Christians and Gays — or for terrorism committed against Israeli citizens.

This is going to be another one of those UN “hatchet jobs” against the Jewish state, in spite of the fact that it has repeatedly tried to end the conflict with the Palestinians. The highly hypocritical UN then seeks to penalize Israel for the other sides’ (Palestinians) intransigence and terrorist activities, which has resulted in the tighter security measures Israel needs to safeguard its people. More on that idiotic institution at Turtle Bay here. *L* KGS

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