The Lebanonization Of Europe…….

Lars Hedegaard, writer, columnist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, and more recently he awarded Daniel Pipes the Freedom of Speech Prize in Copenhagen, was interviewed on Axis Television on October the 15th, 2006.

[Special kudos are in order for Jonathan Robertsson, “who is a high school student in Stockholm,”] for translating the following:

TG (introduction):

Welcome to Global Axess in Avesta. Today’s show is being recorded. We’re about to meet the journalist and author Lars Hedegaard from Denmark. Among other books he has written is I krigens hus — islams kolonisering av Väst [“In the House of War — Islam’s Colonization of the Western World”] — Welcome, Lars!

LH: Thank you.

NARRATOR: Lars Hedegaard is a historian, author, journalist and president of the organization Trykkefrihedsselskabet. Since the 1990s he has dedicated a large part of his time to studying the influence of Islam in European and Western civilization, and has published a lot of articles on the subject in the Danish press. He has also, along with his colleagues Brix and Hansen, written one of the most controversial books in Denmark in recent years: In the House of War — Islam’s Colonization of the Western World.

TG:Is Islam today a threat to the secularized character of the Danish state?

LH: Not only to the Danish state, but to the secularism in the entire Western world. You could say it has been during its entire history. We’re living in a period which dates back to the Iranian revolution in 1979 and has led us into a third Jihad; a third Holy War against the Western world, and also against other neighbours. From our point of view it must be considered as a third Jihad.

TG: Aren’t these parallels quite extreme, historically? The Islamic assault of the 1000’s was of a different character than expansion of the Ottoman Empire. And today it’s about migration. It doesn’t have the characteristics of war.

LH: Well, it does have the characteristics of war. The obstacle for Islam is that today they can’t expand militarily in the more developed West. They could do so in the first Jihad; the Arabic Jihad right after the death of Mohammed. They also could in what we can call the second Jihad, the Turkish or the Ottoman Jihad. In those days they had the opportunity to defeat their enemies with armed might. But that phase of history ended at the end of the 17th century when they couldn’t defeat Europe at Vienna, in 1683.

That was the last time they tried. Then there was a retreat by Islam due to an inner collapse of Muslim society. What today is called Jihad is carried out with help of migration, the export of populations, and other methods. There are no armed forces, but there is money… If we take a look at what has happened the last twenty-five years we can see that Saudi Arabian forces have invested almost sixty-five billion dollars for political and ideological influence in the Western world.

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