Update on Apartheid Saudi Murders of non-Muslims…….

The Saudis are advancing with their investigation into the murders of four French nationals on an exclusive Muslim only highway “leading from the city of Madain Saleh to the Islamic holy places in Medina and Mecca.”

The Saudis are still unsure whether the murders of the French nationals were politically motivated, seeing that being in the area as a non-Muslim automatically earned them a death sentence anyway.

Perhaps Western brigades of peacenik “human shields” will descend on the medieval Saudi Kingdom, and use their arrest as a “cause célèbre to bring attention to the Saudi apartheid way of life.
Nope, their favorite target is the Israeli security fence (a much safer place to protest, democracies always are) that is meant to keep out Palestinian Islamokazis from Israeli public centers. Truth be told, they would rather see a return to Jews being blown up in restaurants and schools than a Palestinian getting to work a half hour later….. More here. *L* KGS

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