Tariq Ramadan Caught Lying, Daniel Pipes Not…….

Professor Daniel Pipes, (pictured on the right) is the director of Middle East Forum, as well as providing commentary and analysis on Militant Islam and the Middle East.

Dr.Pipes responded in the FrontPageMag.com to the charges made by the Islamist Professor of Islamic Studies, Tariq Ramadan, that he lied during a debate with the mayor of London Ken Livingston. Transcript of his speech can be viewed here.

According to Pipes:
“Ramadan sat in the audience during my debate with Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, on January 20, 2007, and heard me call on Westerners to help build a moderate Islam. “

that moderate Islam can be achieved not via the get-along multiculturalism that you propose, but by standing firm with our civilized allies around the globe, and especially with liberal voices in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with Iranian dissidents, and reformers in Afghanistan.

I also propose standing with their counterparts in the West, with such individuals as … Magdi Allam, an Egyptian who is now a leading Italian journalist; Naser Khader, a parliamentarian in Denmark; Salim Mansur, a professor and author in Canada, and Irfan Al-Alawi, an activist here in Britain.”

Ironically, the Islamist professor ends up falsely claiming lying that:

1.) Pipes called Magdi Allam a Muslim (which he did not)

2.) Claims that Allam to be is a Christian Cop (which he is not)

Magdi Allam was born to Muslim parents, and considers himself to be a secular a Muslim. The lying professor is Tariq Ramadan, and worse yet, by labeling Allam an “opastate”, the Islamist proff endangers the secular Muslim’s life by outing him to his “Islamist minded” extremist buddies. An accounting of the speaking event can be be found here.

Tariq Ramadan visited Finland last year, and was the “toast of the town”, with the Finnish media giving him the title of “Islam’s Luther“, and that he has a lot ot offer the West. Nothing could be further from the truth. *L* KGS

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