For Mina Ahadi: Islam Means Pain And Death…….


“I know Islam and for me it means death and pain”.

Mina Ahadi, an Iranian expat, human rights activist and founder of Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany, has little if anything positive to say about her former religion of Islam. Perhaps her views have been validated by the numerous threats on her life. Moreover, she holds the view that Islam cannot be moderated:

Interview with Founder of “Council of Ex-Muslims”: “Not Possible to Modernize Islam”

Human rights activists have formed a “Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany” to help women renounce the Islamic faith if they feel oppressed by its laws. Its Iranian-born founder Mina Ahadi, under police protection after receiving death threats, talks to DER SPIEGEL about its goals.

Mina Ahadi has received death threats after founding the group.

Mina Ahadi has received death threats after founding the group.

An Iranian human rights activist living in Germany has formed a “Central Council of ex-Muslims in Germany” with 40 others and has received anonymous death threats after declaring she wants to help people to leave the religion if they so desire.

Iranian-born Mina Ahadi, 50,


“SPIEGEL: Won’t your campaign just harden the battle lines?

Ahadi: I don’t think it’s possible to modernize Islam. We want to form a counterweight to the Muslim organisations. The fact that we’re doing this under police protection shows how necessary our initiative is. More here.

NOTE: Perhaps she’s right, but the best solution for all is for Islam to become a matter of personal faith, which means the complete rejection of sharia law in all of its forms for the public square. The recent statement by a German judge should serve as a stark example of how Westerners are entertaining dangerous anti-democratic, anti-liberal notions.

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