Three French Non-Muslims Slain in Religious Apartheid Saudi Arabia…….

Three French non-Muslims pay the ultimate penalty in an apartheid Saudi Arabia, for daring to venture into a “Muslim only” area.

“The travelers were resting on the side of a road about 10 miles north of Medina when gunmen fired at their car, instantly killing two of the men. The third man died later after he was taken to a hospital, and the fourth Frenchman was in serious condition at an area hospital, al-Turki said. The area the group was traveling in is restricted for Muslims only. Non-Muslims are barred from the area around Medina and neighboring Mecca, the holiest cities in Islam. More here.

This is not the first time a foreigner has faced the death sentence for being in a “Muslim only”area. Last December, an Indian employed in an electrical shop was caught in Medina while on his way to the hospital where his wife was giving birth to their child. He was freed by the Saudi authorities after the Indian Foreign Ministry intervened, but still……..*L* KGS

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