The Arab League Stand Behind Their Dhimmis…….

At least that’s more accurate than the headline of the original; “Arab ministers interested in relations with Israel”. Spain’s Foreign Minister started off the conference with the call for:

“an end to negative perceptions dividing the West and the Arab world and contributing to the creation of Islamophobia and anti-Western feelings.”

This is just Eurabian newspeak for “PLEASE DON’T DO ANYTHING MORE TO OFFEND ARAB/MUSLIM SENSIBILITIES”. European leaders are ever increasingly ready to appease their Muslim partners to the point of shelving their liberal/democratic ideals and common sense, for vague promises of relative “calm and quiet”.

They are all well aware that the Arab/Muslim world could care less about “anti-Western feelings” in the ME, especially when it serves their overall purpose of strengthening the European-Arab alliance.

To show just how meaningless the Arab League “Brothers” joint proclamation is, they want an end to the Quartet’s boycott of the Hamas government (the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), stating that:

“the Mecca agreement signed between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah would lead to the establishment of a national unity government in the Palestinian Authority, “which could contribute to finding a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Nonsense. The Palestinian Authority under the miserable rule of Yasser Arafat, feigned recognition of Israel (half heatedly) in order to fund his corrupt regime and to continue “the struggle” against Israel.

It led to more misery and mayhem for both sides, not peace. Now we are supposed to believe that somehow, an intransigent Hamas led government, that refuses to even “feign recognition” of Israel, will prove to be a more reliable “partner for peace” than Fatah.

Yeah…riiiight. *L* KGS

Al Avai adds: Welcome to the shuk: the price is never what it is labeled as, the quality is not what it appears to be, everything is negotiable, written contracts are less important than personal relationships and a handshake, words and phrases are only for effect. On the other hand, the dogs bark, but the caravan (Israel) moves on.

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