Palestinian Homicide/suicide Bomber Dumps Belt in Dumpster…….

Israel was once again spared the loss of more of its citizens, at the hands of a Palestinian homicide/suicide terrorist. Due to the effective efforts of Israel’s security forces, the Islamic Jihad terrorist cell was captured as well as the suicide belt being dismantled.

Each terrorist attack perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists intentionally seeks to inflict the maximum number of Israeli casualties possible. Just how many people would have been murdered by the Palestinian terrorist will never be known, but on an average, 4,2 Israelis fall victim to such methods each time they’re successful.

If Israeli security methods were unable to stop each and every attempt by the Palestinians to kill Israeli citizens, the number of Israeli dead would be 3361 (by April 2006). That is the only reason for the disparity in the number of Palestinians and Israelis killed. More here. *L* KGS

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