Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya: EU/US Boycott Hampers Our Genocidal Agenda…….

Pity the poor terrorists, at least that’s what Palestinian Prime Minister Hamas kingpin, Ismail Haniya, is demanding from both the EU and the US. Haniya wants the West to start funding his terrorist led government, though Hamas continues to reject the Quartet’s three demands of; recognize Israel, renounce violence, and recognize all previous agreements signed between Israel and the PLO. Hamas thus far has refused to do so.

When it comes to finding cash for weapons, Hamas and the rest have no difficulties at all. Finding finance for their society however is a different issue, with the true welfare of the people playing “second fiddle” to the Palestinian terrorist industry. *L* KGS

Tundra Tabloid’s advice to the Quartet: tell Haniya to “pound sand until they change their racist genocidal party platform.”

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