Fatah Chooses Coexistence With Hamas Over Israel…….

Despite US warnings to Abbas, the PA president submits to Saudi demands and forms a joint Hamas-Fatah run government that stops short of recognizing Israel. As I have stated before, this changes the whole dynamics to the conflict, if in fact, Fatah is moving closer to the talking points of the Hamas. The Saudi accord can already be understood as a Hamas victory, for its refusal to bend to the Quartet’s demands that state implicitly, it must recognize Israel, renounce violence and adhere to all existing agreements signed by the PLO. If any doubt still remains over the Hamas’ official position concerning Israel’s existence, its spokesman, Nizar Rayyan, effectively removes it:

“We will never recognize Israel,” “There is nothing called Israel, neither in reality nor in the imagination.”

The elevation of Khaled Meshaal by the Saudis was done at the expense of Mahmoud Abbas, with the former being seen as ‘enjoying’ an equal status with the Palestinian president in all the joint meetings and photo-op sessions while in Mecca. This is of course not being overlooked by the US, who have long insisted that the Hamas be made to conform to the party platform of Fatah, which means that it moderate itself, not the other way around.
But again, when one looks closer at the documents referred to by Abbas in his letter to Meshaal, you have to scratch your head and wonder just how “moderate” the Fatah actually is, since the The National Reconciliation Document , which is another name for the PPD (Palestinian Prisoners Document) calls for the continuation of the resistance or armed “struggle”.

When it’s all said and done, both sides of the Palestinian movement are pretty much the same in how they view Israel. Like Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, both envision a world without Zionism, it’s just that the Hamas are more fanatical about their intentions than Fatah. While Fatah can be as lethal of a movement as Hamas, it lacks (at least overtly) the utopian trappings of that Islamist movement, which is the Palestinian branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. According to an Israeli official known to me:

“It has been sad several times during recent days by some governmental officials that it doesn’t matter for Israel who will be the members of the unity government – it is an internal matter of the Palestinians, but the government as a whole should accept the three preconditions. If not – it will be impossible to restart official negotiations.”

The Saudi Accords will allow the simpletons, whether it be those in the media or European politicians, think tanks or media pundits to once again call for “Israel and the Quartet to seize the moment“. But if Fatah is in fact moving closer towards coexisting with Hamas’ (party platform) instead of with Israel — especially when reviewing the PPD by Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti — then the Jewish state will be soon running out of “partners for peace” to deal with. *L* KGS
Update: LGF has an interesting angle in the post “Thugs and Killers in Mecca“. Standing in togas Genocidal murderers. To whom do they pray? Pious in bedsheets Leaders smooch the meteor, Arms flow to Gaza.

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