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So the two sides of Hamas and Fatah make nice in a Saudi room overlooking the square where the devil is stoned. So what? This was done solely for the purpose of unleashing the flow of money from the coffers of the international community into the bottomless pit of Palestinian malevolence. The two sides of course loathe the other, and only in the interest of paying off their terrorist comrades in arm and keeping the civilian population from rioting, will they set aside the “day of reckoning” and pay lip service to “unity”.

The combined government of Hamas and Fatah with the help of the Saudis will be trying to put a major “spin” on Hamas’ supposed abrupt change of heart towards Israel, saying that Hamas “respects” the existence of Israel in place of recognizing Israel’s existence. Sorry, but it’s not good enough. It’s a subtle enough change though, nuanced with the right amount of ambiguity that will give the EU the opportunity its been seeking to reopen the money spicket. Truth be told, the EU could really care less whether Hamas recognizes Israel or not, they have been itching to spread our European tax money on the Palestinians ever since the Hamas won in the parliamentary elections last year. Europe championed the notion for Hamas to participate in the PA elections, though the Oslo Accords that were signed by both parties of the PLO and Israel disqualifies Hamas’ participation altogether.

Dhimmi Europe is as dhimmi Europe does.

This means the further radicalization of the PLO (by Hamas) while it achieves a thin veneer of renewed respectability from those in the international community, who have always believed in the “pragmatism” of Hamas, (exm. Finland’s UPI H.Huuhtanen, who believes that its possible for Hamasto compromise) even though Hamas will not have tacitly recognized Israel. Hamas has created a loop hole for continuing on with the “struggle” when the conditions are right, those who continue to believe otherwise are just being naive. The Palestinian conflict with Israel is no longer one of nationalism, but an Islamist one, being a fight for the greater good of Islam and the Islamic world, the Ummah.

Al Avai adds his observations and reservations concerning the requirements Hamas must fulfill before the money starts to flow: There must be clear recognition, acceptance of previous agreements, and renunciation of violence. The Europeans and Americans must demand the same. What happens to all the weapons and support that have gone to Abbas? They fall into the hands of Hamas? What they are proposing amounts to a palace coup of the PLO and makes the call for a new election irrelevant. The fighting would then be between various PLO factions, rather than between Fatah and Hamas, because these two would be under the PLO wing.

Any indication that the Palestinians are indeed moving towards moderation and coexistence with Israel, will be judged by how they clamp down on the incitement of Israel in their society. Changing their schools books would be one very noticable move, which would be not overlooked by Israel. *L* KGS

Update: Michael Rubin has more on the situation here.

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  1. It is so absurd, that US has bought the peace by Camp David agreement, in which the US commits to pay the peace-made arab countries direct financial aid. And EU? Pays only to arabs, but wants to have full representation at the negotiations as an independent party. Gosh, that smells bad.

    Why is it ARAB-Union, huh? I mean, out of those 22 countries about half (or even more) are non-arabs, like Somalis. Are Somalis wanna-be-arabs…

    But so is the term West-Bank, which was launched – surprise surprise – by French media. And who denies evolution – clearly we’re related to the apes.

  2. While I agree that US largesse has been given to the Arabs who have made “peace” with Israel, the US gets more than its fair share back from the dynamite Israeli economy, and its militayr R&D facilities.

    The EU receives assurances of its oil supply through its acceptance if its dhimmi status by the Arab oil producers. Its the EU that keeps the conflict going, by castrating itself from its liberal ideals in its willingness to please its Muslim overlords who control the oil spicket.

    Which is real ironic, becuase theyy need the west more than the west need the Arab middle east.

  3. To my experience, it is exactly EU who keeps the conflict goin on, and US is there to save what is to be saved. EU should accept the facts: we have a hostile group of neighbors right at our front door, and either we continue critizicing US while sitting under its umbrella, or we carry our responsibility. If we cannot challenge US in military way, we should focus on other areas to join the costs and efforts.

    I’ve a dream, that we open EU market for fruits, flowers and whatever the arab-league produces besides oil, and give the young in those countries a real chance to make their living, earn, stay there with their families, buy house, travel perhaps and watch out tv-programs. Because, if we don’t accept that as a fact, the costs will be higher. Either in direct military way or indirect way, such as illegal immigration or unofficial labor work. Why is this EU’s task and not US? Because we are their neighbors – wanted or not.

    EU is too self-centered to take actions like opening the market to arabs, because that hits most severe against the Italian, Spanish and Greek farmers. In short: it is shocking that some farmers in the Mediterranean steer EU foreign policy’s most important issue, and US is put in the payrole, again. But there’s nothing new in this.

  4. Actually, IMHO, outside of oil, and camel milk, there is little owrth importing from the ME.

  5. You’re right. I still think we should let the arabs compete with the EU farmers – nevertheless if it comes from Finland or Italy. Let the consumers decide if they buy Spanish or Moroccon fruits.

    Those two new videos above are so describing. It makes one cry. A grown-up man asks “why you say you have freedom to publish Muhammad cartoons, but I can’t say what I want”. Sure he can – he already said! And remains alive!

  6. Europe has chosen to open itself up to immigration from the ME to help offset its own low birth rate, as well as to ensure a steady flow of ME oil. That’s the price (dhimmitude) European leaders are willing to pay.

    Europe imports some goods from the ME, fruit, textiles ect., but its really hard to develop an economy that not based on free market ideals. Their banking system is not as dynamic as the wests due to Islamic restrictions on the use of interest ect.

    Yes there are exceptions, but as Bernard Lewis states in his book “What Went Wrong?” (Oxford Univ. Press, 2002, 180 pages), Finland exports more than the entire Arab ME, if oil sales are exlcuded. You can’t export what you don’t produce.

    The Arab/Persian Muslim ME needs basic reforming in all public sectors, economic, social, religious and political, IMHO, most Arabs that are successfull through hard work and ethics, live outside the ME.

  7. Together with offering them tools to improve their trade market must be coordinated good governance and education. I know – looks mission impossible. But the other alternatives are not very tempting either: never-ending flow of immigration, increasing radicalism and largening gap of living standards between west and arabs.

    What it needs; change of the regimes, i.e. arab rulers (priests and kings) to step aside. How likely is that to happen – voluntarily?

    What are the least changes must be made:
    -new interpretation of islam (women’s rights)
    -better education and
    -less corruption.
    How likely is that to happen?

    I was in Jordania last year, and people said they prefer government using money in other things than going war with Israel. So – there is hope. Once again, religion is used as a tool to stay in power. Just like Christian Church doomed Galileo. No religion is good.

    When I think as a Finn, Finland suffered severe sacrifies to Russia in WW2. I see certain anomalies between Israel. I think, that Russians took parts of Finland by taking advantage of their superiority and new trends in international political atmosphere (=Russian socialism vs. National socialism in Germany). On the other hand, I couldn’t be part of a new large scale human tragedy, which took place, if current inhabitants of those areas had to be exiled Russian mainland before returning the areas at Finland.

    In Israel – there were more Arabs living there at the time in 1940s (and we all know they were moved in and employed by Jewish farmers) – similar viewpoint could be suggested.

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