Lebanon; What it is, and What Should be Done…….

Michael Totten’s ability to flesh out the important stuff is well known. An interview with the CEO of the Lebanese advertising firm Saatchi and Saatchi in the Levant, Eli Khoury. Read here. *L* KGS

“How many people in Lebanon hate Israel and want no peace ever?” I said. Rarely have I met anyone who says they never want peace. Online polls of Lebanese (which are of course unscientific) show overwhelming support for peace with Israel now or after outstanding issues between the two countries have been resolved. I have never seen “Peace never” receive more than a 10 percent response in these polls.

“Very very few,” Eli said. “60 percent of the [Israeli-backed until the year 2000] South Lebanese Army was Shia. The Shia were pro-Israel until Hezbollah came in from Iran, and they will be again when Hezbollah leaves.”

“How will Hezbollah ever leave, though?” I said. “What is the solution to this problem?”

“The solution to Hezbollah is [a United Nations] Chapter 7 [resolution],” Eli said. “Like in Kosovo. When there is a will, there is a way. It will take fighting, though. Hezbollah will not just give up their guns. The problem now is a lack of balls. One thing we can do is bring back General Aoun’s old officers. They have balls, and they are multi-confessional.”

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