Hezbollah Returns to The Border, IDF Will Respond to Any Attack…….

Those who will attempt to act against us in the region will not be immune; we are capable of more than just a targeted response”

A heavily rearmed Hezbollah is once again “baying at the gates” of Israel, while the international community’s (impotent) response (to Hez’s violation of Israeli territory and kidnapping and murdering of Israeli soldiers) sits idly by watching….and pontificating….and watching. Any Israeli objections to Hezbollah’s violations of UNSCR 1701 are to be first submitted in writing to Unifil forces, with no immediate or even subsequent action forthcoming.

It was destined to be that way, and the EU (Finnish run) presidency at the time knew full well just how much an impact a toothless UN force would be in stopping an “armed to the teeth” Hezbollah from continuing operations at Israel’s border. This is another reason why Israel has complete lack of trust in the European Union. Their promises are as good as the paper its written on…. More here. *L* KGS

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