Two Iraqi Girls Undergo Heart Surgery in Israel…….

This story warms the heart.

“Two young Iraqi girls arrived secretly in Israel and underwent successful heart surgery at the Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon. The girls reached Israel via Jordan after they had been checked by a US doctor in Iraq who had once been a volunteer in Gaza. The doctor recommended to the parents that the girls undergo cardiac surgery in Israel with Save a Child’s Heart, a non-profit organization that works to save children with heart problems in the developing world. The girls and their families succeeded in reaching Wolfson with the help of the organization Or Legoyim and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli outreach program that trains medical personnel in partner countries “to provide needed treatment in their own environment. The program brings doctors and nurses to the Save A Child’s Heart center for in-depth Post Graduate training in all facets of pediatric cardiology.

More here. *L* KGS

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