The Media Re-invent The Meaning of The Word "Ceasefire"…….

Whether it’s here in Finland or abroad, an activist media will always find inventive ways to spin a headline to conform to their interpretation of the news. The BBC descibes the present situation in Gaza as a “Tense calm” in spite of mortar bombs exploding in close proximity to PA president Mr Abbas’ residence, with terrorists still continuing to take target practice at each other.

The Finnish state news agency YLE, is as inventive with headlines as the Beeb, “Gazan tulitauko näyttää pitävän / Gaza’s ceasefire appears to hold”. Qatar’s The Gulf Times is no better or worse than its western counterparts, “New gunfights rock Gaza despite truce”

Giving them all the benifit of the doubt, perhaps the news agencies should be just asked to look up the definition of cease fire, it might help their headlines to resemble the story its attached to. *L* KGS

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