Thugs ‘R’ Us Continue Violence And Mayhem…….

Hamas ups the ante and kidnaps Muhammed Dahlan’s nephew. The assesment by Finland’s Middle-East (armchair) “expert”, Dosentti Pertti Multanen, that “both sides will realize a civil war will only serve Israel’s interests, and will come together to end the violence”, is sounding a bit hollow right now.

The Helsinki University professor believes that Abbas was wrong to call for early elections, apparently believing that the Hamas government should have been given proper funding by the international community, in spite of its determined ambition in seeing Israel destroyed. So everything that has happened since then, is of course the fault of both Israel and the US, but never, never the Islamists.

Of course if the Palestinians actually wanted a state of their own (including Hamas), all they would have to do is agree to the Road Map, by renouncing terror, accept all pre-existing signed agreements and undeniably accept Israel’s right to exist, then peace would reign. I do not suggest holding one’s breath. More here. *L* KGS

Al Avai adds: It’s wonderful that we have such prescient experts in Finland; must be the Moscow education we can thank. The only thing that might bring them together, at least firing in the same direction, is a full-scale invasion of Gaza. Amazing too how the Hesari manages to avoid any photos or prominent articles on the clashes. Four kids have been killed in the last few days,and there’s no mention. Just an article on Israeli macho culture.

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