Swedish Islamists That Won’t Be Returning…….

A number of Swedish Somali Islamists won’t be making the trip back to the Nordic north. According to a report in The Local, Abdirahman Dinari, a spokesman for the interim government of Somalia told Sveriges (Swedish) Radio that:

“They came, they participated and we have seen their documents. Some of them have fallen. We are on the trail of several of them, while others are in prison. They were arrested when trying to cross the border to Kenya,”

Sweden isn’t the only Nordic country with Somali Islamists itching for a chance to fight the infidel. Our own Somali Islamist here in Finland, Idris Hassan Farah, already stated in an interview on Finnish TV, that he knew of Somalis in Finland who planned on leaving to go fight for the Islamist ICU.

Interview on YLE1 news broadcast:

Kaario: “Are Somalis in Finland leaving for Somalia to fight?”

Farah: Yes!

Kaario: Do you know anyone?

Farah: “If I know I won’t be telling. But of course I do know who, but I won’t tell who they are but they are going and to do battle. We have the right to go and fight…!”

Spoken like a true believer. No information is yet available on the number of Finnish jihadis that ended up in Somalia, or what became of them. I am sure that being a participant to the fighting would more than likely strip these Somalis of their refugee status, so any information concerning their fate will probably have to come through the very same governmental channels. Stay tuned. *L* KGS

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