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According to the UK’s Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) representative, Asghar Bukhari, in a Sky News report; “Osama Bin Laden has given Britain’s angry young Muslims “a blueprint for change” on 9/11.” Bukhari insists that, “instead of Britain’s Muslims using violence to change British foreign policy vis-a-vis the Middle-East, Britain’s Muslims should use the political process instead.

The problem with Bukhari’s message, is not the “politics instead of violence” plea, but that of Osama’s blueprint. The goal of building an Islamic state in Britain (and elsewhere), with the Qur’an as its constitution and the implementation of sharia (Islamic law) instead of traditional British jurisprudence, is not what British Muslims (and elsewhere) should be interested in.

Living peacefully as Muslims within British society, rejecting intolerant and violent passages in the Qur’an, while defending both Britain’s laws and its pluralistic liberal democracy, would have been the right message to deliver. Bukhari is on the same page with Bin-Laden, but using a different means in order to acheive the same goal, and Islamic state. *L* KGS

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