Newsweek Survey Slammed…….

Here’s a story that departs somewhat from the Tundra Tabloid’s usual line of interest, but is nonetheless of great importance to those of us who follow the news. The US and international media has recently trumpeted the findings from Newsweek’s survey concerning the approval rating of US president GW Bush, according to which, it’s hovering around 30%.

But Power Line, which reports on one of the most consistent and therefore, trustworthy polling organizations, Rasmussen Reports, puts the president Bush’s approval rating at 42%, with a 56% disapproving of his overall job performance. This of course adds to the criticism of the main stream media’s propensity for hyping negative news (as well as positive if it fits the liberal mold) according to ideological preferences.

To check further on the reliability of Rasmussen Reports, click here. What also comes as no surprise, is the Finnish media’s jumping onto the media bandwagon, repeating verbatim the same faulty Newsweek findings. Finnish state TV, YLE has it here, MTV3 has it here and Channel Four here. The reliability and credibility of any news organization, rests on its ability to present quality news reporting on a regular basis, allowing room for both retractions and corrections.

Regardless of where you call home, just how often do you hear or read of any corrections in the news media of a news story that they got half or completely wrong? *L* KGS

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  1. Nice that you picked up on that! It deserves recognition.

  2. Thanks Scandimerican, these magazine and newspaper polls tend to obfuscate important trends and issues, becoming news themselves.

    Gee, that’s a twist, news media becoming news makers..

    Cheers / KGS

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