Muslims Set to Take Over Europe…….

Professor Bernard Lewis claims that the Islamization of Europe is a done deal, the only thing that remains is whether it will remain a pluralistic democracy as we know it. That Britain’s Muslim youth are showing a propensity for radicalized Islamist thinking, is not a good sign for the continuation of European liberalism in that island state.

According to Lewis, Europe has turned its collective back on its own heritage, choosing rather, multiculturalism over its traditional Christian identity. The thinking is, that a Europe immersed in the cultures of the many would be discouraging any re-emergence of xenophobic nationalism.

The “we are the world mentality” would ensure that Europe would never again be the vehicle used, to engulf the world in yet, another global war. Ironically, its the development of European democracy that would ensure against any future conflagration, not a federal Europe engulfing itself in a multicultrual mess.

The interest in an united Europe after two disastrous world wars began to take shape in the early 50’s. It was hoped that “a better union” would serve as a bulwark against traditional European self destructive nature. The US also believed it was in Europe’s best self interest to integrate, as the EEC would serve as another institution along side NATO, helping to bind together European values and ideals.

It was a win,win situation, until the Arab’s launched the 73′ war against Israel on the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur. In the aftermath of that war which saw their combined forces being completely routed by the Israeli IDF, they (the Arabs) hit back at the West with an oil embargo until Israel withdrew from all the territories it won in the war.

Seeing that Europe imports much more Arab oil than the US, the Arab oil embargo was a major wake-up call to Europe, and the French, under Charles De Gaulle, started to lead Europe in another direction completely. Instead of relying on traditional alliances with the non-Europe democratic West, De Gaulle saw the Arab states of the Middle East, as both a means and a way to counter American might and influence, as well securing a steady flow of oil for Europe’s economy and markets for European goods.

This thinking is at the heart of the European Arab Dialogue, forming the basis for Europe’s policies vis-a-vis the Arab states, and explains the surge in anti-US and anti-Israelism, in which the latter can be described at times as being overtly anti-Semitical.

I suggest Bat Ye’or’s book, Eurabia for more. Also worth reading is an article by the same author here. *L* KGS

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