Fouad Ajami Write About an American Iraq…….

Fouad Ajami writes the following in the online version of the Wall Street Journal:

“Boldness and despair may have come together to carry forward this new drive in Baghdad. Fear of failure often concentrates the mind, and President Bush’s policy could yet find its target right as the skeptics have written off this whole project in Baghdad. Iraq has had its way of meting out disappointments at every turn, but the tide of events appears to be working in the president’s favor.”

“The country has been fought over, and a verdict can already be discerned–rough balance between its erstwhile Sunni rulers and its Shia inheritors, and a special, autonomous life for the Kurds. Against all dire expectations, the all-important question of the distribution of oil wealth appears close to a resolution. The design for sharing the bounty is a “federal” one that strikes a balance between central government and regional claimants. The nightmare of the Sunni Arabs that they would be left stranded in regions of sand and gravel has been averted.”

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As I have stated time and again, “the Iraqi Sunni position has been one of short sightedness, cutting off the nose in spite of the face.” They are increasingly being relegated to a position of decreased bargaining power with each act of terrorism commited against the Shi’ia majority. It’s time for the Sunni to wake up to the new reality, and ensure their survival as being a part of a united Iraq. By going it alone, the Sunni risk everything…….for nothing. *L* KGS

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