Yemenite Jews targeted by Islamists…….

The small Jewish Arab community in Salem Yemen have fallen prey to an islamist hate group of Zaydi Shia rebels, with 45 Jews taking refuge in a nearby hotel in the northern city of Saada. The “Youthful Believers” islamist supremacy group’s ideology doesn’t allow for Jews to co-exist in their utopia version of an Islamic state.

These remaining Jews are the remnants of an ancient thriving Jewish community that had once numbered around 60 000, with the majority being forced to flee anti-Jewish riots in 1948. The Israelis successfully evacuated most of them to Israel in Operation Magic Carpet.

This newest outbreak of anti-Semitism in Yemen underlines one the reasons behind the existence of Israel, in that it offers Jews refuge in times of great personal peril, being in fact, the Jewish response to international anti-Semitism. *L* KGS

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