Palestinian Suicide/Homicide Bomber Strikes in Eilat…….

Three people murdered and two critically wounded in the Israeli city of Eilat, by a brainwashed Palestinian suicide/homicide bomber. Ynet has the story here. *L* KGS

Tundraman notes: Hamas spokesman defended Monday’s suicide bombing in Eilat as legitimate “resistance” against Israel.Fawzi Barhoum called the attack a “natural response” to IDF policies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as its ongoing boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government. “So long as there is occupation, resistance is legitimate.”

Al Avai adds: Just back from the North of Israel. Nahariya was back to its old self. The cafes and bars were full of young people, and the missile damage so far as I could tell has been repaired. We learn two things from this: first, the way language is used. The meanings of “natural,” “occupation,” and “resistance” are twisted and used as codes for morally acceptable,” “destroy Israel,” and commit murder respectively.

The second thing we learn is that, while the attack was planned for some time, the address is also to the Fatah leadership, as a challenge to them and as a part of the civil war among the Palestinians. They hope that as a result Israel will enter the fray and thereby direct the Fatah attention away from Hamas.

I agree with Al’s analysis, but this is also a ploy by both “Hamas and Fatah” to try and get Israel “in the mix”. Both see that their sectarian fighting depletes their own resources, believing that only an Israeli response to a terror stike would be enough to get both sides on the same side and stop the violence. Disgustingly true, but Jewish blood is deemed by the Palestinian leadership as a unifying element for the Palesitinian national movement. KGS


FM Livni responds to today’s terror attack
(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Speaking to reporters in Jerusalem on Monday, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Lizni commented on today’s terror attack in the south:

“The Israeli government will decide on the necessary steps to be taken in order to give Israeli citizens security. Israel has shown extraordinary restraint in order to give the Palestinians an opportunity to fight terror and stop the attacks. Unfortunately the Palestinians failed to stop them. It is crucial for the international community to put pressure on the Hamas-led government, and the Israeli government will decide upon the necessary steps.”

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