A Street Called Saddam…….

They say that the path to destruction is paved with good intentions, and nothing else best describes this saying, than the recent naming of a Palestinian street in Yaabid.

Out of undying loyalty to the now deposed homicidal dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, the Palestinian Municipality of Yaabid -in their wisdom- named one of their streets after him. To add to their dishonor, they also deemed it a wise move to name a school after him as well. So in keeping with the Palestinian tradition of immortalizing its terrorist murderers, in signs and soccer fields named in their honor, Saddam is bestowed with both a street and a school named after him.

One doesn’t have to be a psychologist to recognize the danger posed by a society glorifying/lionizing both death, and the players involved in homicidal acts of terrorism against civilians. The demonization of Jews as well as the daily calling for their complete and utter destruction, does not lay the ground work for an eventual co-existence with their Jewish neighbors.

I am sure that the majority of Iraqis and Quwaitis are not amused, nor American taxpayers, since the street was recently paved with the funds provided through USAID. More here. *L* KGS

Also of interest is the recent bombing by Hamas of a Fattah friendly news station. I wonder who will foot the bill for that? Eh….we all know deep down the answer to that one, the international community. More here.

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