Sharon Chadha: Clash of civilizations?

Blogger Sharon Chadha, describes the debate last night (20.1.07), between Dr.Daniel Pipes and Ken “the Red” Livingston, in the Clash of civilizations? , via Scott Johnson at the Power Line Blog.

In his remarks, Mayor Livingston said he was hosting the event because he wanted to avoid repeating the “tragedy” of the last century – that is to say, the Cold War, which he suggested without bothering to offer evidence, was a sinister plot designed by a small group of Americans who were intent on world domination.” “The mayor did take pains to reject the notion that he was a multicultural absolutist by affirming that not all cultural norms are acceptable, pointing out that even he could see the error in cannibalism or female genital mutilation.”

Dr. Pipes in his remarks, rejected the notion of a clash of civilizations and said that what he saw taking place was a battle between civilization and barbarism. He went on to say that in his mind, civilization was the place where freedom and the rule of law prevail, and that it was not the exclusive province of any culture, religion, or race.Although Dr. Pipes refused to vilify Islam, even citing a verse from the Koran to support his argument that civilization was well within the purview of Muslims, he did say that he thinks that today’s barbaric enemy is radical Islamism, or the ideology that would impose Islamic law on everyone, including non-Muslims.

Dr. Pipes rejects sharia as a basis for law in civilized society because given the way today’s radical Islamists interpret Islamic law, this would privilege Muslims above non-Muslims, men above women, condemn homosexuals and apostates to death, and call for the stoning of adulterous women, among other details.”

Dr.Daniel Pipes has long been at the fore front in warning about the danger Islamist Extremism poses to not only the West, but in the Islamic world as well. Ironically though, he is vilified as an “Islamophobe” and “racist” by those who need him the most,.. his opponents. Pipes has nothing against Islam as a peaceful religion, and is a stalwart supporter of modernist/moderate Muslims. The only people who have anything to fear from Pipes, are the ones who have a world wide Islamist agenda, or those who are ignorant of what Pipes has actually written or said. *L* KGS

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  1. ‘Daniel Pipes explained that the war is actually between civilization and barbarism.’

    Why do zionists lie to us instead of admit the war is about consolidating “Israel”?


    It’s about oil, it’s about barbarism vs civilisation, it’s about a holy war, it’s about weapons of mass destruction, it’s about al queda, it’s about saddam, it’s about the arms industry, it’s about Iran, it’s about extremism, it’s about 9/11. WE’RE NOT STUPID – IT’S ABOUT ‘ISRAEL!’

  2. NH,
    You show an amazing lack of understanding for the conflict in which the free West is presently engaged.

    Blaming Zionism (which actually means Jews) for all the world’s ills, shows just how much you are off track.

    Regardless of whether Israel exists or not, the present wave of Islamist expansionism currently raging throughout the world would remain largely unaffected.

    A highly backward and disfunctional Middle East that has yet to experience its own industrial revolution (reaping democratic gains in the process) is one of the main reasons for the current jihad raging against the West, not the US support for Israel.

    Religious fanaticism that has yet to experience any substantial confrontation from within the halls of its own religius body, is reason why they have a good success rate in intimidating traditional minded Muslims to “look the other way” lest they be branded opastates.

    The recent refusal by British Muslim groups to denounce the extremists within their midst, is telling, and shows just how much of an uphill battle it will be for modernist thinking to take hold in the Islamic community on a grand scale.

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