Leftist Anti-Semitism In Sweden…….

From the blogger, Scandamerican, comes an in-depth report of the phenomenon of Leftist anti-Semitism in Sweden. It is at first glance, disturbing to see racism crossing lines into the Leftist fold, that has traditionally seen itself as being immune from such bigotry.

But the fact is, socialism has been the seeding ground for vitriolic racism against Jews, starting with the National Socialists of Germany, and then finding a permanent home inside the halls of the Soviet Union’s government. The USSR’s verbal attacks, as well as the sponsoring of terrorism became a permanent fixture in its foreign policy vis-a-vis the Jewish state of Israel.

Sadly, one of the lingering legacies of the now defunct USSR, is the anti-Semitic footprint it left in the Middle East, which has morphed itself to a level that exceeds the racist propaganda of the Nazis.

Further evidence of the Left’s affection for racist Anti-Semitism can be found here in Finland as well, with a Finnish union representative, Usko Takkumäki, being fined by a Finnish court for incitement against an ethinic group. This case involved the publishing of his racist op-ed by two Finnish newspapers, one of which is the Finnish Left’s political rag, the Kansan Uutiset. Takkumäki expressed in his op-ed the wish that Hitler’s extermination of Europe’s Jews had been completed, thereby saving Lebanon from last year’s assault by the “chosen people”.

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs for the original post. *L* KGS

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